When did you lose your innocence? (Serious)

I had a moment in second grade where I was watching one of those Sally Struthers “for just ten bucks, you can help these kids” commercials and I had the terrible realization that the world is an awful place full of suffering, anger, and death. I dropped out of school for a month and got on anti-depressants. (Zoloft says it’s not for kids NOW…)

Parents divorced when I was still in elementary school. Dad watched pornos while I was living with him, mom’s boyfriend would walk around the house with his dick flapping in the wind when I stayed there.

I also got sexually penetrated at like age 10? I don’t remember that one too well.

So yeah, I spent about 20 years being sex-averse, and I’m slowly overcoming it. Innocence? What’s that?

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