When did you realise your friend was toxic?

I had a friend who constantly talked shit about my other friends, always put me down for having my own opinions. He saved my life at one point a few years back and thought that justified this behavior. He was also extremely racist and very far right wing, anytime I said anything contrary I got this huge lecture about how I needed to do research on the history of the world. Found myself just agreeing with the points so I didnt get a load of insults and told I was useless constantly. To top it all off somehow i always got talked into supporting him financially when he made mistakes repeatedly. Would never come right out and say he needed money, but would just talk and groan about it to the point where I felt like I had to offer. When I stopped going around and finally made it clear I didnt need that negativity, racist rhetoric, or abuse in my life I recieved threats. Followed by comments about how I would come back like an abused girlfriend "what the fuck" then he blocked my number because I was the one being an asshole...I was so confused, some people really can do some amazing mental gymnastics to make themselves right... havent seen him in a few years now, but apparently he still talks to people about how I'm useless and a piece of shit. Really bizarre behavior really.

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