When did you realize you were "the bad guy" in someone else's life? What did you do and how did you make amends?

I clicked with my oldest sister because she was the one that was almost my age so she felt like a peer. I was nice to my youngest sister because she was too young to be worth wasting energy worrying about. I was really hard on the one born between them though. She wasn't young enough for me to disregard, but she wasn't old enough to be a peer. I gave her a really hard time and it was made worse by the fact that she watched treat her other sisters well. I didn't have an obvious favorite, but I had an obvious least favorite, and I was mean.

a few years into adulthood, I had an alcohol/drug fueled meltdown, where I ended up being locked up in the hospital, for doing things in my impaired state that suggested I was a danger to myself. After I finally got out, and was feeling really self conscious, she approached me which she normally wouldn't have had the nerve to do, and we watched a movie together. It was such a small casual gesture, but she tried. She was being the bigger person. We still don't have the best chemistry, but I've just tried to keep that going

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