When did you realize your best friend was no longer your best friend?

She made herself the victim of friendships. She's not a bad person, but she lost/talked about having lost several friends over the course of our friendship (unrelated to me), and it was always their fault. It may have been, but I find it harder to believe after our friendship. We were friends for quite a few years in college and I always made a point to do what I could for her, because she was my friend and it was important. The only thing significant in this context is that I almost always picked up the bill when we were out. She was my friend and if she couldn't afford to go out, I always preferred to invite her out and pick up the bill so that I could enjoy her company. She had serious anxiety/anxiety attacks for years and I tried to always be a good friend/supportive with that going on. Grad school rolled around for me and we were roommates. I had started a new birth control that made me incredibly sad and emotional (I'll admit, I was not pleasant, but it lasted for only about 5 months), and things grew fairly sour with us. At the end, she blew up at me and told me what a horrible person I had always been, always holding what I did for her (financially) over her head. She went on to tell me that she basically couldn't deal with my issues anymore, and was sick of always having to support me (as in for the prior several months despite the fact that I had been her friend for many years while she was rather difficult with certain things because of her anxiety). I was honestly horrified that she spent five years being my "friend" while apparently secretly thinking I'm a hideous person. I would never intentionally do something kind for a friend and hold it over their head. I actually went and asked other friends if that's actually what I'm like, because it would absolutely be a priority to change that behavior if so. They assured me I've done nothing of the sort with them, so I can only assume whatever she had going on she decided was my fault. I've tried to be friendly since then, but I would never want to actually be friends with someone like her - certainly not someone who thinks as low of me as she apparently did.

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