When did you realize you're not as intelligent as you thought you were?

Hm... getting divorced as a barely 20 year old, after being soooo sure that yes, while I was getting married young it was the RIGHT person. I felt it in my bones. In one year:

  • I basically went mad with the stress of school, a relationship, countless job rejections, and a bad work life
  • we never went on one date, except once to the movies. And the one we did go on he screamed at me “the BIBLE ISNT REAL” (we both came from Christian backgrounds so no matter what you may think, being on the same page religiously was important)
  • we fought every fucking day and I cried at least twice a week
  • he maxed credit cards without me knowing. Took nudes of “the other girl” (he was an amateur photographer and this was supposedly an art project) without me knowing. Kept the photos and flaunted them proudly even though he knew it really hurt me.
  • and many many more, including a cop call, abuse from both of us, and eventually a divorce

We are both happier now but it took years to undo the emotional damage

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