When did your body betray you?

I have bulging discs at 3 levels in my neck for past 2 years, and it's been a nightmare of life for those past 2 years. It feels like every time i bent my neck for more than a minute i am gonna amplify the pain in the neck. It's Not just neck though there are random headaches, numbness in one side of face, pain in one shoulder. I quit my IT job after 3 months this pain initially since started i was a fresh graduate so that decision backfired. I also lost someone close to me when I was recovering at a good pace around a year ago. It's been all downhill since that past 1 year. I have cut off contact from everyone that i know since this corona mess. I live in traditional Indian family, so to telling that I am in depression or having anxiety issues these days is also not a option. I don't know when this nightmare will end !

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