When did your "Something is very wrong with her/him" feeling turned out to be true?

So this is kind of a story/theory I’ve had for about a month but thought maybe I could get a second opinion on this. I have a childhood friend that I more or less kept In touch with and recently housed about a month ago. By housed I mean, he came into town and I returned a favor by letting him and his family stay with me and the wife. Don’t have the biggest place but, my wife, really insisted we let them all stay over because of the huge favor he had done for me and her. So getting into the strange part of the story, they arrived in town and came to my house, wife was here with them while I got out of work. Got home, showered and left to dinner. While we where at dinner his step daughter whispers something to my wife and she seemed distraught af. Her mom tells her to shut up and stop bringing it up. Later they go over what she had said and apparently, while at another family get together the day before, her sisters dog passed from unknown reasons. Everyone was sad and they seemed to think their dog had some blame. She seemed obsessed with the fact that this pup died (the set duaghter). She would bring it up when she got the chance but shot down quickly by her parents. This dog is a small winny dog. After a few days or so I just felt a strange vibe from the young girl (give or take 11-13 years old). My wife didn’t like the way she handled my dogos. I felt some tension on my friends wife’s part and well they ended up leaving sooner than they planned to stay with me, to go and stay at his brothers. We still hung out everyday after that while in town and on the last day, they came over and my friend kind of had a weird look on his face and went on to tell me secretly that his brothers husky just passed to unknown reasons. The husky was about 3 years old.

I then began to become extremely suspicious because his wife said “yeah we just wanted to make sure your dogs where ok.” As if subconsciously they knew something was up. Everything went as is and they went back home but I was left with a wild theory. What if his step daughter was somehow killing the dogs? Was is jealousy? What was the motive. 1 week span, two healthy dogs wake up dead. Could I be that kind of friend to speculate against a little girl? I decided to keep my mouth shut and promised my self I would tell my wife about this if and only, his winny dog died from the same circumstances. Here I am, one week ago the dog died. Don’t know how or why but, it did. It felt like I predicted the future to be honest. He was in town about a month ago. They reason I want to confront my friend about i feared she would do something to his 1 year old daughter and was waiting for this to somehow confirm my suspicion. I have comforted him through his loss but can’t gather the strength to tell him. I love my friend to death and don’t want to lose him by telling him to consider this. All signs point to me being right but I’m afraid if I don’t speak up, his baby’s life is in danger. So much more the story as to why I came to this conclusion but she has a strange way to her. Ughh I just needed to let this out.

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