When you don't care if you live or die.

So my kid went to a camp with a bunch of kids from his school, basically his entire class went. I went as a chaperone which basically entails herding boys to their activities after and before meals. A vacation for the parents.

Anyway, they had a trust-building exercise for my kids' class. The children are blindfolded and they give oral instructions on where to go. I was wandering around the camp and walked over to the group to see how things were going. My little guy was sitting on the bleachers by himself almost in tears. His classmates gave shit directions and walked him into a pole so hard he was knocked on his ass! Trustbuilding level -9000. I quote:

I'm never gonna trust anyone again except my mom and dad and brothers and sister!

He got over it in a few minutes but it was hard to not laugh at that speech!

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