When you hear about a private citizen doing something the government should be doing.

The misinformation on charitible donations and taxes needs to stop.

The way it works is far different from how people understand it- if I make 100k, I donate 30k to a charity. I am then taxed on the remaining 70k at the same rate as my original 100k but only on the 70k. There is a limit of how much I can write off as donations (about 30% of my total income) but I have given away 30k, which is about how much I would be paying in tax, and then I still pay tax at 30% on my 70k, which is 21k, so take that and add 21k+30k=51k, more than half of my income instead of 30k taxed. The point I am making is charitible donations are a financial loss for people.

Now, what people should be angry about are the folks who run companies, who take their profits of the company and reinvest and claim there has been no profit (Amazon) so no tax can be paid, and yet they cut themselves a nice fat check which they invest away and use the now very busted capital gains tax system to hoard their money.

Capital gains for the upper ends of the financial spectrum used to be at 50% of profit on sale of property. Now it is 15%. Ruper Murdoch waited until Trump was in office to change this tax law to sell 21st century fox to disney and paid 35% less in tax because of it.

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