When and how did you discover you had a fetish?

I was in hospital with a pretty serious infection for 12 days, on IV antibiotics 3x day, they couldn't put in a PICC line, so I had to just have my cannula replaced every 2/3 days in addition to daily bloods, so my veins were shot after a week.

Near end of my stay they couldn't get a fresh cannula in, so they got one of the oncology nurses to come by who deal with it all the time, who was amazingly attractive and her uniform showed her off very well.

She had a few goes at different places before asking me to hold out my arm straight and trying in my joint, however in doing so she leaned forward and I essentially got a hand full of boob.

The combination of 17 year old me, getting a handful of hot nurse boob, while a little drugged up and not having spanked the monkey in the last week caused me to not only pop a serious hard-on in the moment but develop a life long heavy fetish for nurses.

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