When/how did you experience your first kink? Do you feel it's rooted in something that happened to you at a formative age?

Not my first kink, but maybe the first time a kink ever snuck up on me and surprised me.

Going on a first date with this girl I met on OKCupid many moons ago. The conversation in the week leading up to the date is solid, and the date itself goes really great. Tons of chemistry. Plus, we had just both had a couple of the strongest (and most delicious) margaritas I’ve ever had in my life, so we were both warm and fuzzy.

I walk her home and she invites me in. One thing leads to another and we end up in bed. She is wearing these socks that come up just over her knee, and she stops me from taking them off. I was curious at first, and then I realize she hasn’t shaved her legs, because she probably wasn’t intending on having sex on the first date.

Start getting down to business, wouldn’t ya know. The socks are reeeeeeally working for me.

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