When was the last time you were legitimately scared of a man?

A few weeks ago at the gym. This guy often leers at me and makes me very uncomfortable, he literally just camps outside the glass studio while I do yoga and stares at me. I was filling up my water bottle and he came up behind me and pulled on my ponytail and smiled at my creepily when I looked back. I didn't respond, just stepped aside. Went back to my stretching and he was just meandering around my area while I was trying to stay close to other people. There was something about this guy that was setting my internal alarm bells off, telling me this guy is dangerous.

The next day he was there again and this time he nudged in while I was on the machine and started messing around with my weights, and I looked at him square in the eye and told him to stop. He got irritated and asked me what my problem was, and I didn't say anything. He did a full body scan again and stopped right at my breasts. At that point I just ended my workout and went to the shower.

I went to my car after my shower, which requires me to walk under this tunnel thing and into the parking garage. Motherfucker walks up behind me, keeping a fairly large distance, and starts whistling. I looked back and realized it was him, he's smiling creepily at me again, and I turned back around. At one point I'm wondering if I should break out into a run, it's literally just me and this guy in this dark part of the parking garage, my heart is beating fast. It's funny how your body just gets so in tune, every sense heightened, I was tracking his footsteps behind me. I could hear they were getting quicker and gaining on me so I started running. Literally seconds after I start breaking into a sprint I almost get run over by a car pulling into the lot. The other guy had just disappeared. I don't remember ever feeling so nervous around a man before.

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