When looking for a partner, men is encouraged to aim high and questioned when he settles, while women is "advised" to settle and criticized when she aims high. What the fuck is this bullshit.

Whats even more pathetic is they have no incentive to level up for themselves at all.....they don't take any pride in themselves for themselves. They need people nagging/ rejecting constantly & even then the vast majority cannot be bothered...they would rather wallow in pity as couch creatures & be a raging butthurt misogynist on Reddit instead.

Just look at TRP full of men screeching about how they wish they knew 'the dirty truth' about women earlier...that women actually want to find a sexual partner sexually attractive...especially if they're pretty attractive& make a lot of effort on their appearances themselves. They are actually shocked and appalled by this......LMAO. Womens sexual needs are just like this invisible thing to them...that they put on mute in the background...it really just shows how onetrack minded & narcissistic most men are. I regularly see men 'manspaining' women saying we don't care about looks or sex :S. Are they actually for fucking REAL. Just cos you can't make a woman orgasm doesn't mean I don't care about them SIMON

They actually try BLAME US for the fact they swallowed the fantasy Hollywood media narratives written by basement dweeb incels where the hideous guy always gets a Megan Fox bc he's 'noice'

Urm hello, EARTH TO SCROTE!!!! We live in the real world!

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