When military is more important than health care.

On the first point, I was alluding to how aircraft carriers, and above-surface ships generally, are largely obsolete in light of current surface-to-surface missiles and drones, at least when it comes to confronting other great powers (if we even entertain the absurd notion that there would be any conventional fighting before the nukes launch). As obsolete as battleships in the '40s. This is a hard truth that many vested interests are determined not to face. The same is true of manned aircraft, as was demonstrated yet again in Nagorno-Karabakh last month.

I'm not in favor of cutting any benefits to soldiers and veterans, and I certainly agree about the intelligence budget. But US military spending as a whole, especially on hardware, is immensely wasteful by design. We can still do humanitarian aid or improve medical technology without wasting a ton of money on Fulda Gap bullshit.

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