When was the most awkward time you walked in on someone masturbating?

Was about 9 years old at an Ihop in a trashy area with my dad and younger brother. We had just finished our food and all went into the bathroom to pee since we had about a 30 minute drive ahead of us. My brother and I were at the urinals next to each other with our dad waiting behind us when we noticed a tapping sound and a moaning coming from the stall next to us. I could see his feet facing towards the toilet and pants around his ankles. I couldn’t understand why a man would be struggling that hard to push out a dump facing the wrong way. Was way too young and naive to realize what was actually happening. My dad came up to us and told us it was time to go and didn’t even give us time to wash our hands. He gave us a talk outside the bathroom saying if we ever heard something like that inside a stall again we were to immediately leave. I never really thought about it again or realized what it was until I older.

Tldr: Walked in on some dude cracking stick in an ihop but was too young to realize what was going on.

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