When you get to mount and they know the armbar is coming but it's the only submission you know

I think a big problem newcomers have is thinking they have to go for a submission, I remember feeling silly just getting a dominate position then being like "WTF do I do now"

Just consolidate that position, sit and wait, let them make the mistake, don't put yourself in a place where you can lose that dominate position, think of submissions later on.

I do prefer side and back control these days, but I do love my S mount as a small guy who can't get his knees on the mat if a guy is to big, or grapevine both their legs in mount as I work for the Arm Triangle.

I do prefer the Arm Triangle to Armbar because it does not risk me losing position, but you can't not work on a move because of that, and training is the perfect place to work on it because who cares if you lose position and get tapped, that's what training is for!

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