When my dog dies, in going to kill myself.

I'll spare you the platitudes and pleasantries, and tell you something that perhaps no one has ever said to you before:

Your life is YOUR OWN. You are the one in control of this decision you're contemplating. You don't owe it to friends, family, therapists, or even the memory of your dog to keep living. DO NOT LET ANYONE PRESSURE OR TRY TO GUILT YOU OUT OF SUICIDE. At a very basic level, I think most moral philosophers would agree that the decision to kill oneself is a sovereign and absolute personal right.

That might sound like a "dangerous" or at best counterintuitive thing to say to a suicidal person, but here's the flip side of it that I really want to emphasize:

That same power and control you hold over your own life also gives you the ability to change it. You are the master of your own life.

Obviously I strongly hope you won't choose self-destruction, and I encourage you not to take that step. But in considering your choices, please understand your personal life sovereignty and feel EMPOWERED, not trapped or pressured.

Very best wishes.

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