When my facility sent the email out that the COVID vaccine will be mandated for employment

Here’s my thing. You all are hating on the so called antivaxxers. But what about the ones that are just covid vax skeptical?

Seriously, why are you so aggressive?

I am not anti vax. What I would like to see is a inactivated viral form of the vax come out. Why wasn’t this done in the first place? My guess is because mRNA vax is an emerging technology. But if inactivated viruses I.e. flu have worked in the past, why isn’t it an option now?

The only form of that we have even close is viral vector janssen. And this has its issues with blood clotting. I was 100% on board with janssen before that came forward.

Inactivated virus forms have been proven to be effective prior(I.e. the flu vax).

Some people are just not comfortable with this new ventured mRNA stuff. How about putting ur judgmental attitudes aside and see it from someone else’s point of view.

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