When people brag constantly about how good they are at something, you automatically assume they suck at it.

My housemate of three months kept on going on about how good he was at chess... He rates himself pretty highly at everything, I've since found out.

Anyway, I'm not amazing at chess but I've always liked a game so we played one night. Now the move doesn't always work depending on how the other side plays but I made a 4 move checkmate - it's apparently called "Scholar's Mate" (I just had to look this up).

I open with it every time I play but it seldom works out because people counter it (knowingly or unknowingly).

In the past I haven't always gone through with it if the opportunity presents itself so I don't embarrass whomever I'm playing. But my housemate literally has something to say about everything like he is so so good at it.

Anyway, it felt good. He's since shut up about chess.

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