When people you love say really insensitive stuff

I’m so sorry you had to go through that with a family member. Long story short, both my Fallopian tubes were removed due to blockage. We lost our baby because of an ectopic episode last February 25 (certain days will never feel the same after that one), and at the age of 28 I still feel like I’m so different from the women around me who just conceive on accident. To those who don’t know what I went through and that I don’t have tubes, it does hurt when people tell me to let it be in gods hands. Or not to stress because it’ll happen naturally. The cards just aren’t in it for some people and sometimes we need help, or more time. As much as she is trying to be cheerful and supportive, it would have been better for her to lend an ear and just listen. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to our hurt without excessive advice. I really wish you a positive journey to becoming a parent, and know that it’s okay to step back and feel how you feel. Pregnancy announcements feel like punches in the gut, and to be honest with you, it made me feel inadequate as a woman. Sending prayers and good vibes your way love.

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