When you think of a profession, which one is scariest if they suddenly said… “Oops..”?

This happened when I had my wisdom teeth out. I was in my late thirties at the time, and the roots had basically merged with my jaw bone. The dentist vastly underestimated the difficulty of the procedure. It lasted more than two hour (was scheduled to take, like, 15).

Partway through, I hear a loud snap, and the dentist goes "Oh, fuck!", and walks out of the chamber.

Not a fun time!

I ended up getting transferred to a maxilofacial surgeon at the other end of town, for emergency surgery, because my dentist couldn't get the teeth out or let me go home with broken tooth nubs still attached. It was a bumpy ride.

PSA Kids: if you need your wisdom teeth out, do it now, while you're still young! Policy makers: just cover dental care already, so people don't have to wait until they have dental insurance through work before getting necessary surgery.

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