When promiscuous women claim that “all women lie” about their sexual histories, is that just projection to justify their own lying?

Tons of men are slut shamers regardless of their level of success with women.

You’re only hearing the bitter ones online because they have something to complain about. But plenty of successful men also think sluts are gross, but those that are able to date non-sluts have no reason to come online and complain.

I dumped my ex gf after finding out her sexual history. There was no negative consequences because of it. I just found a new gf that wasn’t a slut, is very high quality, and have had a great relationship with her since.

The idea that every man that dislikes sluts will be lonely and miserable is just as much of a revenge fantasy as RedPillers thinking every woman that rejected them will end up cat ladies. It’s just not true.

Situations and conversations I’ve had with men in real life makes it obvious that way more men are grossed out by sluts then just red pillers.

Literally listen to any rapper. They’re constantly slut shaming, and yet are looked up by and listened to by millions without issue. Slut shaming is still as mainstream as it’s ever been.

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