When you read the lyrics of Linkin Park's Heavy

Sometimes I wonder about people idolizing these musicians that stew over suicidal thoughts their entire lives.

I grew up when there was this whole string of depressing, suicidal songs from bands like Papa Roach, Slipknot, and Linkin Park. I remember at first they sounded cool, but then I figured out the lyrics and was just like "Why is everyone so damn depressed and wanting to kill themselves? Why/how is this cool? Because it's relate-able? I don't want to relate to this crap. I don't want this to be me."

Now, years later, all these memes and styles of humor blow up about people killing themselves, making a joke out of suicide, acting all depressed and suicidal "ironically", until someone they admire actually goes and does it and all the sudden it's like "Oh no, this is so terrible, suicide is not a joke!" when they've been blowing up Bardock Obama's Facebook page with suicide memes for the past few months.

My opinion on musicians is that many of them fit that whole "suffering artist" thing to begin with, which is what gives them the drive in the first place, but some of them still succumb to it later. Just the way it is. I never really got into Linkin Park, so this guy's death doesn't really...bother me. I was SUPER bummed when Dimebag was killed. And Oderus. This? Not so much. It just doesn't surprise me like it has everyone else.

The only thing that bums me out about this is that he had kids. It would suck making them grow up without you around. Just my <1 cent.

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