When you shoot someone so bad they change skins

Okay thats it!

  1. i never meant to post this when i did, i posted it and a minute later i deleted it or so i thought, my internet/reddit messed up and my post never deleted. Fast forward to me getting off work using my other account and finding this video on the hot page, first emotion was anger "who stole my vid" second realization when i saw the name, third shock and happiness when i saw the upvotes, "hey i got 2k upvotes:)" EXCEPT! everything changed when the comments attacked
  2. which brings me to point number 2 I dont use this gun, only when i dont have many other options, and i think we should be a little fair and admit that this gun has alot of bloom which i knew, so when i downed the guy i started panicking, I need to take him out fast but also try to aim through my confusion of what on earth just happened did this woman just turn into a dude?! bahahaha compose yourself his teammates are coming your dead if you dont take him out soon, stop moving! oh my goodness theyre coming! your not familiar with the feel of this gun though I KNOW I KNOW ! im just gonna shoot where ever i can !
  3. for all you lotas saying this is mobile, its not its ps4 also the little footsteps and stuff on the screen is something you can turn on in settings, if you go accesibility and turn on "visualise sound effects" it will turn off the surround sound effect and some people dont like it, but hey make your own choice
  4. last but not least, guys please stop being mean im actually upset after seeing all the your aim is trash comments and i thought i could take alot of humiliation since i would laugh it off when someone downed me then danced but turns out, i cant
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