When someone is driving up your hole on the dual carriageway

Fuck off, do your learning on your own. It's not me who doesn't understand how road works. Mind your driving and try not to disturb others on the roads instead of trying to point out who is wrong. Try to be the best driver you can. Don't make your own rules, but follow the ones that are in the Road Traffic Act. Be predictable driver. Even if you believe someone's driving is bad, when you try to intervene on the road by slowing down, cutting them off or whatever to obstruct whatever they're doing, you're on the wrong here. Whether they were actually driving bad or not.

And no, I'm not defending speeding, but again, I don't believe speed is the biggest issue if it comes to driving in Ireland as relatively small number of drivers in this country actually speeds.

Lack of education and amount of distracted drivers is the problem. No worries, we don't have to agree.

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