When students email to say to me "YOU did this thing..."

And you were subbed in the first place? Your profile is 18+ and says "suck my ****." Doesn't seem like a loss.

This is the crap that gets to teachers. Higher Powers forbid we're allowed to vent AT ALL. I've been teaching for 15+ years and this is my FIRST post like this because of the unprecedented pressure educators are under right now. Jaded? You know why some teachers get "jaded"? Because we're expected to be teachers, but ALSO parents, disciplinarians, therapists, counselors, coaches, directors, conductors, and we feed, and we cloth, and we do a million other things society has no idea we do all because we want to support the students. But in the end we're treated like unprofessional babysitters who are underpaid for the work we do.

But please, unsubscribe because you'd rather just hear all of the positive (positive toxicity) things at the moment about education in a worldwide pandemic.

You want teachers who aren't "jaded"? Then help society. Vote people in who actually give a crap about education. It says a lot that you're more worried what teachers you'll enounter rather than what your child will encounter. I'll tell you a secret, MOST OF US DO THIS FOR THE STUDENTS, not for the parents.

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