When you unburrow from a nap and drag your blanket across the room. #chihuahuaproblems


I did a series of 'Guess the Goal' posts last year with one of my retired accounts, and I thought it would be fun to do this again. I have put together some photos of Manchester United players scoring some iconic goals. The aim is to identify the following for each photo:

  • Competition
  • Match (Team v Team)
  • Year
  • Player who scored the goal
  • Final score and winner of the match

To not spoil the guessing game for others, please use spoiler formatting to hide your answers. You can do this by using the folling formatting:

Spoiler title goes here

Here is an example of how an answer should look:

Any other, general comments, that do not reveal the answers may be posted below the answers without having to use spoiler formatting. You may also discuss the goals, but don't mention any names that will give away the answers.

Thanks for reading, enjoy. If the list is too easy I will make a more difficult one.

The first person with all 11 answers completed in full will be crowned the winner.

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