When have you witnessed sweet justice?

Okay, so I'm a 39 kilogram, barely on 5 foot tall white female. So. I was waiting in line at the pharmacy, the line was really long because people were there on their lunch breaks. I almost got to the counter, I was waiting behind the person actually being helped. I noticed a heavily pregnant woman behind me, I gave her my place in the line because I could see she was uncomfortable, that her feet were sore or whatever, or maybe she just needed to pee.

Anyhoo, she is very grateful, and passes me and is getting helped at the counter. Now, this is where it gets interesting. This young, arrogant, douche of a man in a very expensive suit walks past me and stands in front of me in the line. There were about 10 people behind me who had been waiting for quite some time. So, (and I NEVER does this), I nervously tap him gently on the shoulder and say - 'Excuse me sir, there's a line here.' He looks down on me (I am very small) and sneers at me, 'Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there.' And he laughs at me. I'm so embarrassed and deeply regretting saying anything.

From the back of the line, this HUGE black dude in a wifebeater walks up. I almost got a spinal injury looking up at him, this guy had these huge veiny arms and I'm pretty sure he blocked out the sun. He was HUMUNGOUS. The kind of guy that you could imagine tossing cars for fun. He taps this arrogant, rude guy on the shoulder. Dude spins around, about to chew me out again. Sees 'THE BLACK AVENGER' and his face loses all colour.

THE BLACK AVENGER crosses his arms over his chest, so everything is bulging, and says in a very quiet but very deep voice - 'The lady said there's a line here. We've all been waiting. Now take yourself to the back of the line.' Investment banker twat scurried out of the store and justice was served.

It was GLORIOUS. The sunshine of justice shone upon me. I looked up at T.B.A and said 'thank you' softly. He replied 'No problem', then went back to his place in the line. I beamed for the whole day. I never stick up for myself and that guy made me feel so small. I was kicking myself for saying anything. And then T.B.A swoops in, and justice is served. It really was awesome, what a nice man. : )

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