When you work on your life goals and plans, what do you plan out for?

Thanks for the response! I get what you're saying, and I am planning for my future. I'm going abroad for 2 years to do a master's.

By relationship planning, I don't mean like "get married at 25" regardless of who it is. I mean like, with my masters, they offer job placement. I could stay abroad for 5 years and really grow my professional goals. I can also grow them back home, so I don't mind doing just the two years, and coming back, and not keeping an unnecessary amount of long distance. That's some relationship planning in my life. I guess it's hard because there's not many concrete goals to work through. I just feel like everything is on his agenda but me, even though he does give me plenty of attention. I suppose I'm insecure because I do get attention in person, but if I'm not on his agenda, I'm not sure how that's going to translate long distance.

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