When was the worst time you had to use the restroom?

When I was in Taiwan a few years ago.

We went for a walk in the morning away from our hotel in Taipei looking for some breakfast and ended up a couple of kilometers away. My body then decides it needed to do its morning business and I decide to start making my way back to the hotel underground through the various tunnels around the central train station.

I was trying to find a public toilet but they seemed few and far between, the one I came across the day before had a huge line outside and it was dirty as hell, I was not even sure it had toilet paper.

I keep making my way back to my hotel but my body was getting more and more urgent and I was having to walk slower and slower. I had such a pain in the gut that it hurt like hell and I had to concentrate hard so I wouldn't have an accident.

As I got closer to the hotel I realised there was no way I could make it back upstairs in time and started to panic. I then remembered another public toilet that was clean in the shopping mall below the hotel, so I make a b-line for it, well more a crawl.

I finally reach the mall and have to go up the escalators and my body being what it is starts anticipating on its own that a toilet is near by and starts going into auto mode like a possessed demon. I had to muster all my strength and concentration to stop an major embarrassment from happening and each step I got closer the harder it was. I was breathing very hard and sweating profusely.

I finally make it to the men's toilet but find all the cubicles occupied and then really started panicking. Luckily after about a minute a guy leaves and I push past him and shut the door only to find out it is a squatting toilet......fffaaaaarrrrkkkkkk!

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