When is your ADHD is actually helpful in the workplace or in your personal relationships.

I work as a server and in retail and BOY do I thrive bc of my ADHD. Dealing with shitty customers is painless for me because I’ll just think about the million different reasons why they could be having a bad day and it helps keep me from feeling like I’m the problem. Of course there are still people who really make me feel like shit every now and then but for the most part I can detach myself from the situation and see their point of view.

As a server, I am literally thriving. I work at my family’s restaurant so I don’t have a ton of management, just guidelines and the occasional real task. There’s a million things that I need to do when we’re slow and I can easily jump between tasks without feeling bad because everything is important. I could start off just fixing tables to realizing the floor is dirty and sweeping to organizing things in the bar to filling water pitchers and then remember my ORIGINAL task and finish it up. When it’s busy, I can easily juggle multiple tables, clean up, and check up on tables that aren’t mine as well as keep track on to-go orders. It’s like the diner dash game or whatever but irl.

As far as my relationships, I’m constantly late and distracted from the conversation but I make up for that by being like the best person to just hang with. Even if we’re just on campus my friends and I end having so much fun doing random shit bc my mind is going in twenty different directions so it’s really hard to get bored. I’m also a great person to talk to because I give really in depth advice and like who doesn’t like it when someone spends hours just helping you figure things out.

Both working and maintaining relationships aren’t necessarily easy, but you have to pick what works for you. I’d go insane at like a bank job, and I’m friends with people who understand what I’m going through. There’s a lot of people out there who won’t be as considerate but those are exactly the people you don’t want in your life.

ADHD freaking sucks at times but you just have to look at it as a potential advantage rather than something holding you back.

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