When your entertainment comes at the expense of others' suffering

You do know that Blizzard needs to abide by china's regime in order to operate inside it, right? Remember the ow winnie incident, where players where instabanned because they mentioned that word? That was china.

What exactly do you think they should be doing? Deny china's demands, take their ips out while denying access to their games to a fucking shitload of players and cutting the jobs they created there? Why?

You think china's gonna change regime just because people won't have access to a fucking video game?¿

Boycott is the only way I can protest.

Do you happen to know how many thousands of companies that we use do the same thing? Are you gonna throw away all your chinese devices and opt to buy more expensive ones, or are "protest" an american company that has no say in what happens within chinese borders?

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