When your friend who's never been backpacking insists on tagging along... and they proceed to ignore all of your advice while reminding you that they "know what they are doing."

I hear you, and I'm not poking fun at UL because they want lighter packs. I'm poking fun at UL because they tend to be (in my subjective, personal, and biased experience) snobs that will spend $30 on an "ultra light" piece of gear because it's just half an ounce less weight than the $5 non-ultra light piece. I've gotten more condescension from some UL hikers than I can comfortably stomach; telling me I'm more prone to twisting ankles or tiring out because I hump a 50 mile loop with 30 lbs vs. the 5 lb, $1,000 setup they carry.

There's an obvious benefit to carrying less weight - especially if you're a lighter person yourself, as you say. But there's also a benefit to economically bringing creature comforts without blowing an entire paycheck on fancy gear. It's all about what you enjoy - some UL folks just can't fathom that one might enjoy a hike with >10 pounds on their back, and they don't seem shy about letting us know.

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