When your higher-GP opponent plays :)

Not a post about trash matchmaking. Most of the time I get matched against those 1M-2M GP higher than me. Though losing so many times in Aurodium is not a very happy thing, and this would be another time.

I know his roster kinda sucks for a 6.9M GP player. I did perform better than him in the rounds. He/she had to retry trying to take out my really shitty GG/ JKR team while I pretty much could clear his Defenses at one go.

It all came down to the ships. Sadly, even though he took 3 attempts to kill off my Negotiator, he still won (cause I couldn’t clear, having 3 less Capital ships than him).

The battle was well-fought. Sadly, I lost. Hope I stay in Aurodium at the end of this GAC cycle. Losing 5 out of 7 times is very shit.

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