When you're pissed at religion and /r/atheism tells you not to sink to their level. (NSFW)

Of course, a theocratic government, which is normally what any Islamic country has, does not allow the criticism of religion. Atheism is extremely risky in such countries.

I do not agree that logical discussion is pretty useless for the purpose of changing a culture. I have seen several very big changes in my own lifetime which came about through non-violent discussion. The US drafted young men into the army to fight the Vietnam War (I was susceptible to the draft although I was not drafted) and now, although there is still draft registration, there is no longer a draft. I remember when homosexuality was illegal. People could be arrested just for being gay. Now, not only is homosexuality legal in North America, but same-sex marriage is also legal in both Canada and the US (and also in Uruguay, the most progressive country in South America). Marijuana has been legalized in 4 US states, is going to be legalized in Canada (probably next year) and this process is likely to continue. When I entered university in 1969, all of these things would have been inconceivable. Anyone who predicted that same-sex marriage would be legalized, the draft would cease, and marijuana would be legalized, would have been considered a ridiculous utopian dreamer. And none of those things came about by means of a violent revolution. There was a process of discussion and reflection, and people just changed their minds. And religion is losing ground in some countries, although not all countries.

Anway, even if it were (for some strange reason) within my power to have all the theists in the world killed, I wouldn't. Even though theists are wrong and are sometimes very obnoxious about it, that is not in itself a crime that deserves the death penalty. Even if the human race needs to continue to discuss and argue about this issue for the next hundred thousand years, that would be better than trying to eradicate theism by violent means.

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