Where are the Diamond Princess passengers now? Has anyone done a follow up?

The Statista data is based on continuous updates from the Japanese Ministry of Health. The number of asymptomatic cases remains the same between February 28 and March 2nd. Before then, it only increases as the number of confirmed cases increase. There was some recalibration that happened between the March 1st and March 5th updates (cases, tests decreased, asymptomatic increased).

The number of conducted tests and patients declined because the source changed the way of calculation and fixed the figures that were overlapping.

I can't read Japanese to prod deeper into their classification methodology. But the probability of asymptomatic cases remaining the same between February 28 and March 2nd is fairly low unless classification is rigid and asymptomatic cases remained asymptomatic. Even lower if the next update remains at ~410 asymptomatic cases. I think the classifications are rigid. Symptomatic cases that recover are reported as symptomatic, asymptomatic cases that develop symptoms would be removed and reported as symptomatic, etc.

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