Where are the jobs being posted now?

I don't know what role you're looking for or if you'd be willing to move closer to the Raleigh-Durham area, but the place I just started at is pretty awesome. It's a local farm-to-table restaurant with a cool atmosphere and a lot of cool people. It's in a pretty rural area about 15-20 minutes in between Chapel Hill and Burlington. The town itself is small, but very cool and vibrant. It's basically an old river mill converted into a bunch of nice shops, apartments, and a music venue, but out in the sticks. Lots of people stop by here.

As a runner I'm making 8 an hour plus tips, and tips are pooled as opposed to direct, and a lot of people tip very well here so expect to make at least 12-20 an hour depending on the day. Obviously pooling can be nice since you don't have to worry about your individual tips, if the restaurant is busy (which it usually is) then you're making good money. The food is absolutely delicious. Family-owned and working here you'll feel like you're a part of the family.

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