Where are the Libertarian posts?

Libertarians are a different breed. We respect one other and say what see and that pissses off people. I live in Cali so I’m not liked very much and it’s sad because everyone will say politics don’t mean anything but I talk I called a trumper, I voted for Jo Jorgensen and republican for everything else, but no one cares. So I mine my business, I shoot my guns, shoot my bow for elk hunting, and form my own opinions on what I see through TV and society. Again SF is a different breed of liberals because there all stuck up people because mom and dad have the 6 figure job and the kids just sit at home and smoke pot and complain. You give them solutions and they’ll argue and get there feelings hurt because they can’t walk the walk. I come on here to talk my options but I just flooded by everyone saying the same thing all time. They don’t want to have a discussion they just want to try to hurt you through words and it’s sad.

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