Where does Tony Parker rank in the best PGs of all-time debate?

I'll respectfully disagree with 99. 98, Robinson averaged 21.6pts/10.6rbs. 99, he averaged 15.8pts/10.0rbs. also, keep in mind Robinson's numbers fell hard after back surgery and foot surgery combined with aging (he didn't age anywhere near as gracefully as Duncan or Kareem). the last 4 seasons of D-Rob's career, he averaged:

99-00: 17.8pts/9.6rbs

00-01: 14.4pts/8.6rbs

01-02: 12.2pts/8.3rbs

02-03: 8.5pts/7.9rbs

So essentially, Duncan played one year with a D-Rob whose numbers were great but not his prime numbers (which was, funny enough, the year Robinson entered the league till the 95-96 season, in part because D-Rob came in after he served in the Navy and was 24 years old at the time of his rookie year).

Comparing that to what MJ, Magic, Bird, Kareem, Shaq, Kobe, Lebron had in teammates over the course of their careers is laughable. The only person who had a similar comparison is Hakeem, and even he got Clyde Drexler for some time. I can't compare Russell and Wilt here, but some of their teammates are Top-20 or Top 30 guys as well. The only person Duncan had in that category of greatness is Robinson, and the version of D-Rob that he had was not in his prime or even that close to it).

Not trying to sound like Duncan hasn't had great teammates in his career. But I always cringe when people say that adding up Parker and Ginobili and the waning years of D-Rob equals having the prime versions of Shaq/Kobe, Pippen, Stockton, Malone, Wade, any of Russell's 60s teammates, Jerry West, Kareem/Magic/Worthy, McHale/Parish/Bird, etc. as teammates. Duncan never had THAT caliber of talent around him. And yet he's still won as many championships or more than a lot of those other guys. That's astounding to me.

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