Where do I go from here? Accidentally purchased a camera too nice for me, but now I'd like to learn to use it/understand what I bought, and what other basics I should consider purchasing.

Starters. The 18-200 is what they call a "superzoom" because of the zoom range. They are generally softer than other zooms covering a narrower range of focal lengths. If you've found no deficiencies using the camera then use it in good health. You may wish to obtain a more appropriate lens for the type of pictures you wish to take and selling the 18-55 will stop your photo career until you can buy another lens. You might want to find a focal length more suited to your favorite subject, be it telephoto, wide angle, macro or whatever. Enjoy your new camera, I'm sure in a short period of time you'll be able to make a decision about the right lens for you.

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