Where’s the investment from COA into our hotter, drier future?

If you put literally any progressive idea up for vote in Austin, it will pass. Want to build a multi-trillion dollar subway system that only services a small 1/4 mile section of downtown and which nobody will use? People will vote for that. Want to mandate free solar panels to anyone who wants them on their house? People will vote for that. Austin loves progressive ideas. We love the feeling of doing something about our problems. We don't understand the financial consequences of those decisions, though. That's the problem. As property owners, we know our property taxes are so high right now that it's becoming difficult to justify staying in Austin. Yet, most voters still vote to pay for these pie in the sky ideas. And I say these are pie in the sky ideas, because they are. They cost too much for too little in return. The commuter light rail project, for example, is a colossal boondoggle. It's going to cost us $10 Billion, and only a few hundred people use it daily. But hey, we did something! Big pat on the back! We didn't just do nothing. And that's the problem. We don't think before we act. We progressives are all about spending in order to just do "something". It shows you we have big hearts, which is commendable. But you know what's even better? Restraint, consideration, and calculation. It might take longer to do something that way, but when something is done, it's meaningful, significant, and cost effective. Problem is, our elected officials are not usually brilliant in this way. There are brilliant people out there who can design the future. But they're really rare, and they don't want to associate themselves with politicians. Oil and water. Solve that problem first.

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