Where is this shit meth that lasts “12 hours”? That everyone talks about on here

I see there are no useful answers here. If it's single pot instead of the birch method the lithium content could be contributing to decreasing the effects. Personally I always found that R&B is much more pleasant. A second issues... Any chest pains, headaches, feeling twitchy and on edge? L isomer is a real cock blocker and you want D isomer, you could be getting a bad cook, a lot of cut, cut with fent which is sedating for most people, your method of intake could be subpar or you might actually be ADHD and the chemicals are doing their job. A bowl will put me to sleep, I have to smoke stupid amounts back when I still used to actually get spun. I'm also prescribed 60mg TID Adderall for my issues and it's hard to get tore back on them but again, L isomer and D isomer and it is a racemic mix.

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