Where would you bet Rex Ryan ends up next year? What position?

This is my first post, I've been lurkin for a while and I just want to get some things off my chest. Bit lengthy so bear with me here.

Here's the deal with Sexy Rexy.

He's either going to be a HC or in the media next season. He has stated he will not be considering a DC job. That being said, he's not a GREAT HC but he's not bad either.

Pros: -His players LOVE him. You won't find many other teams who's players are so incredibly loyal to their HC like the Jets are to Rex.

-He's an elite defensive mind. He consistently puts out an above average-to-elite defense year after year, and while his defenses have been trending down since his rookie year in NY, he has managed to keep them in the top 10 in many categories and goes toe-to-toe with some of the best in many big games. He sometimes gets flak for "needing" elite man coverage CBs for a successful defense, but he's shown this year that he can scheme around having practice squad-level talent in the secondary and produce average play on D.

-He's damn entertaining. His press conferences are always emotional, he's hilarious when he's in a good mood, and even watching him on the sideline is great. Having him coaching against Belichick was a perfect example of polar opposites.

-He's a standup guy. Bravado aside (this rubs many people the wrong way, but I personally don't see it as a fault in character), he never throws his guys under the bus and will always shoulder the blame first and foremost. This is a big reason why his guys love him and it's a big reason why, despite many Jets fans wanting to move on from him, the NY fan base has a ton of respect for him.

All that being said, don't think Rex comes without his faults. He's capable of winning, but unlike many of the elite coaches he cannot turn a franchise around.

Cons: -No grasp of the offense. In 6 years, he has shown no ability to control or regulate any part of the offense. He loves to employ the ground-and-pound approach, but this isn't effective without the proper personnel, and when that personnel changes he hasn't been able to adapt to that change. Which brings me to my next point

-People point to his first two seasons as a testament to his HC greatness. Don't get me wrong, back to back AFCCG is nothing to scoff at; but those rosters were LOADED. Tannenbaum wasn't a good GM (discussion for a different thread), but he did load up the roster with tons of veteran talent on the heels of the Brett Favre signing, hoping to land a SB ring. Favre moved on, they drafted Sanchez and allowed a solid Thomas Jones/Leon Washington (09) and Shonn Greene/LT (10) to pound the rock behind one of the best Olines in the league at the time. Combined with some playmaking WRs/TEs and a defense that was almost as dominant as Seattle's the past 3 years, anything less than playoffs was a bust. And the Jets only managed 9 wins in 09 thanks to Indy resting their starters. Rex's best coaching year honestly came in 2013 when he managed to pull 8 wins out of THAT roster.

-His game management is pretty bad. He constantly takes terrible time outs to the point where I'm surprised if they ever have more than 1 or 2 timeouts going into the 2-minute warnings. His teams are pretty undisciplined, they're always getting flagged for pre-snap penalties. On top of that, he very often fails to adjust his gameplan in the second half. Far too often the Jets will blow a lead or lose ground in the second half because they come out with the same approach on offense which the other team has clued into, while the other team will switch up their offensive attack that exposes the holes in the defense. Look at their first match-up against the Dolphins this year: they bulldozed them in the first half, and refused to move away from that game plan in the second half even though Miami was stacking the box with 9 (yes, 9) players on several plays.

-His loyalty to his players goes too far sometimes. He refuses to bench players when they need to be benched, or call them out on their mistakes. He loves the line "___ gives us the best chance to win" especially on Sanchez or Geno. I'll give him credit for wanting to start Vick over Geno against the Dolphins, but that was the first time he stepped up and did the right thing. He never put Santonio in his place when he was here either, or called out Geno/Sanchez when they had REALLY bad games.

All in all, I think his pros outweigh his cons. It was unfortunate he couldn't get a competent QB during his tenure, or a great OC to command the offense. Tannenbaum really gave him a great situation his first 2 years, then the wheels fell off as the talent disappeared and the draft picks didn't pan out. Idzik came in and did a great job clearing the cap, then refused to use the cap to improve the team, further putting Rex in a bad spot (more on this later).

I hope he lands as HC in ATL. He'll be able to turn that D around, and if they bolster their Oline, he'll have Matty Ice to light it up on offense to White/Jones/Douglass. Otherwise he could be alright in Chicago (a nice story too given Buddy's history there) if Chicago has a decent OC to bring out the "good" Cutler. Oakland might be tricky just cause Carr is still young and although he already looks better than both Geno and Sanchez, Rex certainly won't help his growth a whole lot.

On a personal note, I believe it's time to part ways, but I'll definitely miss having him around. I'm torn between keeping him and letting him go, but in the end he needs a fresh start on a team that can provide him the right pieces to succeed.

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