Where would you rent in Brisbane if you don't need to go to office?

Doesn't tick the beach box but not too far off from Gold Coast I suppose, but I'm immensely happy having moved to Rochedale South. (Yes it's technically not Brisbane, fight me). If I'm honest I think your rental budget is gonna be a bit low almost anywhere though.

My kid is still baking, but there is a big ass park at Underwood Park and playgrounds. Usual grocery stores for suburbia. Nice big blocks for a backyard, pretty much everyone around here has a pool and a granny flat.

Also before all this covid stuff I did work from the CBD 4 days a week, and it was only a 35 min commute by bus thanks to busways and peak-time express buses. Husband works in city too, 20 min drive in off peak (he's a shift worker) so I can still have a social life with those living more inner city

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