Which admissions office has had the poorest conduct or been your least favorite this cycle?

Penn - great. My UR dates were consistent and I love how they issue all of their waves at once, so you don’t have to wait to get WL/Donged. Some people are frustrated with not moving back the scholarship deposit deadline and I do wish they would outright tell you if you’re getting $0 merit but they do have one of the latest regular deposit deadlines even before COVID, which is a good practice IMO.

Michigan - great. When Dean Z travels she reaches out to local admitted students for meetings which is super nice. They have frequent emails and touch points. Would appreciate actual UR updates on the status checker tho.

UVA - awful. To only accept for months, sparingly dong and waitlist in MARCH, and string along probably thousands of others until April is egregious. Inconsistent status updates that mean nothing and a secret Why UVA that has no place to submit on the actual app? Hate it.

CLS - I appreciate being told I’m on hold but what’s with the waitlist being a death knell? Fix it Jesus.

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