Which album coming out in 2015 are you most looking forward to hearing?

2015 is gonna be great, so many established names coming out with stuff: Kendrick (Obviously he's gonna come with something amazing) Jay Rock (I've been fiending for this for so long, I swear. Follow Me Home was 3 and a half damn years ago and he's killed pretty much every verse he's been on since Money Trees. Parental Advisory and Pay For It are dope as well.) Rocky (Whatever he puts out is gonna be hot) Ferg (He said he's going more personal on this and less for the bangers. But, after Ferg Forever who knows what to expect?) Yeezy (Is he going further down the rabbit hole after Yeezus like he said?) Joey Bada$$- B4.Da.$$ (Definitely gonna be his best project, every song has been dope so far) Tech N9ne- Strange Effects (Interested to see where he goes after Something Else,,, it was good but I felt it was lacking compared to past efforts) Wale- The Album About Nothing (He's been garbage ever since he signed to MMG but hopefully this album, which hearkens back to his old mixtapes, gets some of his old swagger back and he can make the DMV proud) Action Bronson- Mr. Wonderful (Action always has interesting beats and Easy Rider was no different. I'm wondering if the whole album is gonna be that vibe or what) The Social Experiment Albums (Chance is experimental and the whole band kills it. Even if some stuff misses the mark, he said everyone is putting out an album so there is gonna be a lot of music that's gonna be dope) Flatbush Zombies (It's their first real album so what's in store?) Juicy J- THC (He's comin w the bangerz) Push T- King Push (Lunch Money was crazy and he said the beats were going to be weird like that so I'm so hyped for this) Jadakiss (It's been a while since we heard this dude spit solo) The LOX (The boys are back! The mixtapes have been good but hopefully this album is fire) Nas (No description needed) Method Man and Redman (Hopefully these dudes make a strong comeback) Pete Rock- Soul Survivor III (Going to be a great addition to the Soul Survivor series) Slaughterhouse- Glass House (Are they finally gonna make the album we know they're capable of?) Raekwon- FILA (Probably my fav Wu member, he's been stringing us along for this album for almost two years now) Love Story-Yelawolf (Absolutely love Til It's Gone and he said the album is gonna be like that with the mixing of country and hip-hop. Color me excited) Big Boi (One of the most consistently amazing rappers of all time) Last but not least, the million projects Ghostface has been hinting at releasing including: Twelve Reasons to Die II Supreme Clientele II Another Wu Block album DOOMStarks AND... OB4CL III obviously with Raekwon (He said they're working on it but I actually don't think it'll come out until 2016 at least)

2015 is gonna murk.

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