Which BIP couples will last? [Spoiler]

My current ranking of likelihood of making it, from greatest to least:

  1. Chris/Katie (he said they really wanted him to propose to Elyse and he couldn't do it, so I think he must be really love Katie if he proposed; I also just think they're the oldest and most settled)

  2. Hannah G/Dylan (they're both really, really young and I don't think we've ever had a success story with a guy that young; I do think Hannah G wants to be married like yesterday, so I do think they'll last a while)

  3. Connor/Whitney (pretty neutral about them - both seem pretty people from similar background, so maybe they have a shot)

  4. Demi/Kristian (I know people change, but Demi seemed like a nightmare of a girlfriend according to her ex and I just don't see her having changed much in the time that's passed)

  5. Caelynn/Dean (duh)

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