Which character do you think is way overhated?

It's one thing when the characters are willing to express discomfort at it. Other episodes it's not acknowledged at all.

Like I said, the majority of characters had major biases towards her. Biases allow you to overlook a lot about a person.

Okay. Then people shouldn't be faulted for not liking a character whose actions are portrayed as bad.

she was morally grey antihero/antivillain whose morality had been worn down from immortality and whose obsession with long term planning made her incapable of seeing the short term consequences of her actions,

There's a line between "flawed" and "borderline villainous", and Bubblegum certainly straddled that line. As I said, some of her crimes involve killing off sentient creatures that didn't turn out the way she wanted, so don't pull the "people just don't like a flawed character" card.

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