Which US city has the most effective affordable housing policies?

I don't know anything about this one example you're referring to, but I'm not doubting that there is demand for SFH developments with quarter acre lots even in places that would allow smaller lots, and I'm not doubting that you can find an example where some naïve zoning commission of some bedroom community suburb would allow some more density with the hope someone will sign up to build some townhouses near their surface parked retail 'town center' and fail to get a private developer bought in.

But you're replying to a comment thread about building apartments in places with housing affordability problems, and I'm used to dealing with urban infill developers in high demand markets who are trying to build 70+ units/acre and none of them are looking at putting fewer units on a piece of land, and none of them are worried about outbidding a big 5 SFH developer while paying millions per acre for sites that frankly would not be good fits for someone looking for a large private yard in a quiet suburb to begin with.

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