Which comedian is super famous but NOT funny at all?

Yeah I mean Stephen Colbert is undeniably funny. A Late Show however is not tailored towards people who like stand up. It’s literally on (and has been) after the 10 o’clock local news on CBS. It’s more of a tradition gig than anything and that’s okay. Colbert does what he can with it but for the most part, late night talk shows haven’t really been funny or relevant since the internet replaced “the news”. I think this is the main reason Conan has always been able to remain funny. His prime was the 90s and early 2000s before social media took off and then the whole Tonight Show shit went down and he went to TBS. Meanwhile social media began truly hitting mainstream. Conan kept getting further and further from the old and now dead previous mainstream and moved more to the fringe. Then with COVID, he stopped his show altogether but launched his podcast- which is undeniably some of his best and funniest shit in a decade. It’s like he never “peaks” and is always funny because he’s always changing and adapting. I applaud him for having the creative smarts to do that. I think if you asked him today if he was glad he was removed from The Tonight Show he’d laugh like a crazy person while patting you on the head like a toddler and then run off into the sunset to make sure no one has found his pot of gold yet.

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